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The world of Niche Perfumes:

By Manisha Rao

A world away from the repetitiveness of mainstream perfumes, niche perfumes are individualistic and unforgettable, creating moments that linger on in the memory forever. Her exploration of niche perfumeries in France and Italy led Ruchi Vaish to discover this wondrous world of subtly sensuous scents and now she even has a patented technology of perfumed ceramics in India—the first to do so. The founder of In The Know- Haute Parfumerie, who encourages her clients to opt for the @home perfume smelling session, opens her heart out to The Luxe Café right here

Elle Mazagines

Elle Magazine

Featured in Elle Magazine for Personalized Scents.

 IN THE KNOW customises fragrances with ingredients sourced from France and India. Enlist them to create your own signature scent or blend one as a party favour for your wedding. “